The Fluffs Present The Alphabet

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The Fluffs: The Beginning

Once I was asked where did the idea for The Fluffs come from. Here’s the backstory:
The idea of the Fluffs came to me while traveling to Hawaii to visit my brother, Michael. I looked out the window of the plane and saw an amazing golden sun ray bursting through a big fluffy cloud. I have never seen something so beautiful. I thought “wouldn’t it be something if there were little people living there?” I began to develop the characters around their personalities and wrote three stories titled Who Ate The Last Cookie, Freddy and Fluffy Go To School, and Lost in the Forbidden Forest. It wasn’t until I met artist and illustrator Kirk Harris that I was able to develop them. When my son was born, I developed the first story Freddy and Fluffy Visit Planet Earth and the idea for the alphabet book.  It’s only the beginning.  

About The Fluffs

Everyone is aware of the clouds but few people pay attention to the beauty they possess.  A few children imagine that the shapes are animals or people. There is a select group of children who share the secret. They are members of the Secret Society of Cloud Watchers, and their mission is to protect the clouds and to spread rainmaker wisdom to all children. When children become members, they share the secret of the clouds and promise to protect them. These children know that clouds are ancestor Fluffs, and they are very important to their survival and help support life on the planet Earth.

A very special little boy named Sadat was appointed the keeper of the secret of the clouds by Freddy Fluff and the Alums. Sadat was told that only children can see the Fluffs. Maybe one day they will share the secret with an adult, but right now children are only sharing with each other. Members are committed to protecting the secrets of rainmaker wisdom. The Fluffs dwell in a community on Cloud Cumulus. Fluffs are somewhat shapeless and have cat-like faces with two shiny black eyes. They are usually smiling because they are happy but they have emotions just like children. They speak English. Fluff children are born bright yellow. As they age, they become paler and paler until they are white. Thus ever living as clouds in the sky.

The Great Genie Fluff is the protector of the Fluffs. He helps and protects them with his magic and infinite wisdom and humor. TheFluff family share a lot of love and peace. Elder Fluffs share past adventures with children through storytelling.  Fluffs are very happy to present the alphabet, re-told by Sadat,  to you as they were taught by their elders. Have fun learning and look out for more Fluff adventures that reinforce basic reading, addition, subtraction, and science concepts, and most importantly,  affirming humanitarian values, friendship, and morals.

Who is Rafika Soaries?

I am a mother of an adorable teenage boy living in New York. It was my experience as a mom that inspired me to write The Fluffs Present the Alphabet. My son and I enjoyed reading many books together. Just seeing the joy he had when I read to him was one of the best experiences! He would point to objects and try to say the word after I read it to him. This was the beginning of his literary learning experience. I am also an educator, technology trainer and coach, radio talk show producer and co-host. I am passionate about reading, especially for children because books and their stories stimulate creativity, curiosity, and most important imagination. I truly believe that books will forever matter!